Unknown Scholarships for College

unusual scholarships for college

Unknown Scholarships

The High cost of education is often cited as the primary reason why many students do not study further. This is ironic considering the fact that there are many unknown scholarships that can easily be used to finance one’s education without any difficulty. Well-known and popular scholarships attract many applicants and most of them end up being disappointing because they are not what they seem to be. Such people find unknown scholarships to fund their education without any difficulty whatsoever primarily because they are taking the time to apply to them.

What are unknown scholarships?

There are different types of scholarships available for students fulfilling different specifications. Any scholarship you don’t know about could be categorized as an unknown scholarship though. There are scholarships for left handed people, for example. On the other hand, there are some scholarships available for those who are good at predicting the share market. Other students who are creative with languages too are offered unfamiliar scholarships. You should make use of these unheard about scholarships and not so popular scholarship options that are in your reach that can help you finance your education. The less their known about the less the competition.

Listed below are some unknown scholarships that you can use because they don’t seem to fit the scholarship description that many students would think. Nevertheless it’s a source of financial aid. Some you may think as strange, silly, stupid, odd, weird, and wacky but all are highly unusual that’s for sure.

The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Scholarship offers $1500 for those who know how to call ducks. The contest takes place in Stuttgart, Arkansas. Maybe you could give it a try and find yourself with some money from a strange scholarship in your hands.

Billy Barty Foundation Scholarship for Dwarfism is open for those less than 4’10” and offers a $1,000 scholarship for short people. On the other hand, the Tall Clubs International Student Scholarship offers $1000 for men above 6’2″ and women over 5’10”, or a scholarship for tall people.

A left handed scholarship can pay for a college education funded by studying in Juniata College, Huntingdon for free. A skateboard expert can opt for the Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship offering up to $5000 for those who are good at it with a GPA of 2.5 or more.

The really weird unknown scholarships include Carnegie Mellon University Bagpipe scholarship offering $7000 to promote bagpipe playing or the Klingon Language Institute Kor Memorial Scholarship for those who want to study linguistics. Children of members of Michigan Llama Association can study to become vets can get $500 per year.

The strangest or coolest scholarship, depending on your perspective is the Duct Tape “Stuck at Prom” Scholarship Contest where the recipient must attend prom wearing just duct tape along with a date. This is a silly scholarship in our opinion but it will pay the college tuition so it may just be a smart scholarship.

The Society of Vacuum Coaters Foundation offers $5000 for those who want to study and master this field. Those who are good and predicting stocks can get $400 every two months by going in for the Excellence in Predicting the Future Award.

Have you ever heard of the DAAD Scholarship? If you live in Germany you most surely would have. They are known also as ‘The German Academic Exchange Service’ which is the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst. It sounds confusing and it kind of is but it’s worth the time checking into if you are interested in studying abroad in Germany. Bottom line is the DAAD’s main objective is to promote Germany as a country to go to pursue your academic studies and they try to support in any way possible. This could be a life changing experience for any student wishing to broaden their educational horizons in a positive way.

Unknown Scholarships on the Web
There are many who read this and ask- Is this a joke? Is this the right way to proceed? There is no point in relying on an unusual scholarship that is not in your reach. If you are planning for an unknown scholarship, it is imperative that you use common sense and a bit of skepticism before you go gaga over the award. Make sure the time spent on obtaining the scholarship is worth what the scholarship is going to pay. Log on to the web and check out online resources to find out whether you do qualify for the uncommon scholarships or whether there are any hidden conditions attached. Sometimes there is and other times you may be the only one applying for it.

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