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unknown scholarships

ROTC Scholarships

College bound students or students already enrolled in college may be interested in applying for the unknown scholarships from ROTC as a way to help pay for their college expenses. Army ROTC scholarships are awarded based on the grades and merit of students rather than financial need, making them available to a wider group of students. There are actually many different types of ROTC college scholarships from the Army ROTC available. Two, three and four year ROTC scholarships are available with options that are based on the amount of time left for the student to complete their degree. These unknown scholarship options also include full-tuition scholarships with options also available for room and board for those who qualify. Additional allowances may also be available that allow for the costs of books and fees.

ROTC Scholarships Pay Living Expenses

ROTC scholarships may also make monthly living allowances available for each school year. Eligible students can earn amounts based on their level in the ROTC curriculum. During the first year, students may qualify for $300 per month. During their second year in the program, students may qualify for $350 per month. During their third year in the program, students may qualify for $450 per month. During their fourth year in the program, students may qualify for $500 per month.

Air-Force ROTC Scholarships

Along with the Army ROTC scholarships, there are also Air-Force ROTC scholarships available to students who qualify. Three and four year scholarships are available to high school seniors. Scholarships through this program pay full college tuition as well as most fees as well as money for books per year. Living expenses are also available through Air-Force ROTC scholarships. Once activated, cadets will receive a monthly allowance or stipend that is non-taxable. The current monthly allowance for freshmen cadets is $300. The monthly allowance for sophomore cadets is $350 while the monthly allowance for junior cadets is $450. Senior cadets receive a monthly stipend of $500 per month.

High school seniors who are awarded a scholarship may also be eligible to receive a travel authorization to pay for travel from their home to their Air Force ROTC detachment. The reimbursement will be sent approximately 30 days after school starts.
Along with the Army and Air-Force ROTC there are also scholarships available through the Navy and Marine ROTC programs.

How to Get ROTC Scholarships

The ROTC or Reserve Officers’ Training Corps offers training for prospective military officers. College students with an interest in joining the military upon college graduation will be able to join the Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines ROTC to get an idea of what military life is like. Students in the ROTC also have access to ROTC unknown scholarships that can help them to pay for most if not all of their educational costs. In order to be eligible, scholarship recipients must follow certain rules.

Each branch of the ROTC program has basic rules that relate to eligibility. Students must be a United States citizen and must also be between the ages of 17 and 26. For Marine and Navy ROTC scholarships, all candidates must be between the ages of 17 and 23 when they apply. All ROTC applicants must also meet educational requirements, including a minimum 2.5 GPA for the Army ROTC. For the Air Force ROTC, the minimum GPA requirement is 3.0. Scholarship applicants must also have a minimum SAT and ACT score. The minimum SAT score is 920 for the Army and is 1050 for the Navy. The minimum SAT score for the Marine Corps is 1000 and the minimum SAT score for the Air Force is 1100. The minimum ACT score for the Marine Corps and Navy is 22, 19 for the Army and 24 for the Air Force.

Unknown Scholarships from ROTC require Physical Endurance

Students must also meet certain physical standards in order to qualify for scholarships from ROTC, including completing the Presidential Fitness Challenge Physical Fitness Test, which consists of a 1 mile run as well as other activities. ROTC scholarship recipients are expected to be committed to service within their branch of the armed services. The Army requires a commitment of eight years; consisting of four years in active duty and four years in the reserves. The Navy and Marine Corps require a five year commitment on active duty. The Air-Force requires a four week summer field training course as well as completion of the professional officer course and a commitment to four years of active duty service.

These unknown scholarships by ROTC are not for everyone but for those patriotic individuals who don’t mind serving in the US military in exchange for a paid college education. This program is designed with the best type of financial assistance on the market today and is sometimes hard to resist from individuals who cannot or do not want to pay for their college education. Students will get their college paid for but eventually have to pay for it with their time spent in the military.

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