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Here’s a ‘thinking out of the box’ way to find those local unknown college scholarships to help with your tuition. Do you visit your public library often? If you don’t, and you plan to go to college, you may want to make this a place that you hang out in more often. Furthermore, you need to develop a friendship with the local librarian, regardless of whether you are an adult or a high school student. You will be amazed at what this can do in terms of unknown college scholarships.

Your local librarian is a fountain of information when it comes to available little known scholarships, and when it comes to finding these lesser known scholarships. Librarians are, however, busy, and cannot spare the time to give everyone who walks through the door their undivided attention. However, if they think a great deal of you, and you’ve worked to cultivate a friendship, they will be more likely to spend their available time with you to help you find obscure scholarship opportunities that few other people are

Additionally, your local librarian will probably know about local scholarships that are available, as well as national and regional scholarships that you meet the eligibility requirements for. These professionals really know a great deal of information that you desperately need.

Building this relationship requires more than visiting the library often and looking for information – essentially driving the librarian nuts with your questions. A better idea might be to volunteer at your local library. Librarians love volunteers, and they need all of the additional help that they can get. This also works out well as a service project which looks great on your college applications and scholarship applications. If you want to volunteer, and build a fruitful relationship with the librarian in the process, visit the library to find out how you can get started.

When you go about building this important relationship in this way, it can only turn out to be a win-win situation for you. When you approach the librarian, simply tell them that you are interested in doing some volunteer work at the library. They may ask you what skills you have, so that they know how they can best use you and depending on the policy in your city, county, or parish, there may be an application process for this. Treat this process just as though it were a job interview, and make sure that you keep
in mind how important this volunteer position is to your future.

If you do not have the time or the skills necessary to volunteer at your local library, building the right relationship with the librarian may prove to be difficult. You actually may have to spend more time at the library than the volunteers do to form the relationship that you need with the librarian that is required to get them on your side, and working for you to find the unknown scholarship opportunities that you need.

Once you’ve formed this relationship, however, and the librarian knows that you are in need of funds for college, you will be amazed at the information that they present to you. Simply ask them to help you out – as long as that relationship exists – to find all the local unknown scholarships that you are not only eligible for and national ones as well, but that you are most likely to win.

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