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Oracle Scholarships

There is a number of unknown Oracle scholarships made available by this international information technology company. A provider of database programming, various software analysis packages and server storage systems, it should come as no surprise that available programs are very often focused on engineering within the IT field. However there are numerous other little known Oracle scholarships for IT available for applicants from a diverse background with interests in things such as working towards some sort of community development.

Students who are looking for an Oracle scholarship for IT should be weary – there are many programs which can be found available on the internet which may not be currently available. Also because of the notoriety of the company, some false scholarships even exist which may direct interested students to false phishing websites looking for personal information or installing malware on a computer. It will be important for students to look through Oracle scholarships for IT that occur in partnerships with other organizations. There are some programs which are offered directly by the company itself, but these Oracle scholarships appear to be normally related to summer internships or Oracle Academy programs. Always be careful when applying to programs and be sure that they are applicable in a given situation.

The United Negro College Fund provides Oracle scholarships in partnership with company. The Oracle Community Impact Scholarship appears to be currently available in California at UNCF member colleges. This unknown scholarship from Oracle provides anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 to those applicants who win awards. It is designed to help those students who can display a sincere financial need and who are interested in using technology to advance education, strengthen communities or promote diversity. There is no deadline available on the website directly, but those who sign up with the UNCF should be able to see approaching dates.

Another partnership which has produced Oracle scholarships for IT is the Black Data Processing Associates program. This Oracle scholarship is one of several programs available through the BDPA. Though the 2011 awards have already been given out, students who are members of the BDPA should pay attention to upcoming announcements regarding the program. In order to be eligible for this Oracle scholarship students must be a resident of the United States, have a minimum 3.0 grade point average, be a member in the BDPA and be enrolled in an undergraduate program related to the organization’s STEM program. The program awards $4,000 and $5,000 in Oracle scholarships depending on need and in 2011 gave out 11 different rewards. No deadline is currently listed for the 2012 program, but this yearly offered Oracle educational award will be available in the upcoming year.

There are other lessor known Oracle scholarships offered through some groups or even institutions. The National Society of Black Engineers offered an Oracle scholarship in 2010 and 2011, though there is no indication that a similar program will be offered in 2012. However there is also no suggestion that the program is limited and, as a result, students would be wise to pay attention to the NSBE website to see if a 2012 application process is announced. Eligibility for this program requires that students be US citizens, a member of the NSBE, maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average, be a high school senior or currently enrolled in college, be majoring in some type of engineering and be attending a school in the US. Every year so far five $4,000 scholarships have been awarded and the deadline for the program is normally on January 17.

Egyptian students who may be interested in Java programming may be interested in a program offered through the Communications and Information Technology Academy. A collaborative program with Oracle makes an Oracle scholarship program available at this college every year. All applicants must be Egyptian nationals, understand English, have a strong academic background and be committed to 20 hours of training a week until graduation from the program. This Oracle college scholarship for IT does not list an amount of what is covered and also does not list a deadline for the program, but Egyptian students interested in the Oracle scholarship program are encouraged to contact the institution to find out more about the offering.

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