Contact Local Corporations for Unknown College Scholarships

Local Corporations for Unknown Scholarships

Corporations Unknown Scholarships

When you start looking for unknown scholarships to help pay for college, you will most likely use many of the same sources that other students will use, such as online databases. Within these databases, you will inevitably find numerous large corporations that are offering unheard of scholarships. While you should apply for these obscure scholarships, if you are eligible, you need to consider other corporations for scholarship funds as well.

These corporations are the ones that are not listed in the secret scholarship databases. Think of the corporations in your area – regardless of whether they are locally owned or not. Check to see if they are listed in the databases. Apply for those scholarships that you apply for. Keep the list of corporations in your area that are not listed in the databases.

Construct a letter to the president or CEO of the corporation. This information is easy to find through public records or through the local chamber of commerce. Let the person know that you are an aspiring college student, and that you have not been able to find out if they offer a local scholarship or not to area students, but that you are seeking local scholarships from area businesses.

If you feel that an in-person visit will be better, make an appointment ahead of time, dress well, and be ready to present your case. Bring along your transcript, reference letters, and any records of community work that you have done and extracurricular activities.

If the corporation does not currently offer a local scholarship, your visit or letter may give them the idea that offering a local scholarship to an area student will enhance their public relations with the community. You may even state this in your communication with them. You may find that you are the lucky student who wins the first local unkown scholarship through this organization.

Ideally, you should seek out the larger corporations in your area first, and then work your way down to the medium sized corporations, the small corporations, and finally the small business owners in your area. It is vital that when you approach these businesses that you do so with the attitude that they already offer a local scholarship and that you are vying to win it against other students, even if this isn’t the case. The first impression that you make will be extremely important, because you may not get a second shot at a better impression.

Even if a corporation does not have a local scholarship program, and has no intention of starting one, you may find that they are willing to help you fund your education in someway. Even if they only offer you $500 or even $250, and those funds are paid directly to the school, every little bit of money that you can find to help pay for your education will help.

Don’t be surprised if they cannot give you an immediate answer. This doesn’t mean that they are not going to do it. In many cases, they must bring your request for a scholarship to a board of directors for approval, as they do not have the authority to make such a decision without consulting the board. This is time consuming but worth it in the end.

Sometimes you have to be creative in finding those unknown college scholarships from local corporations. This is one way and maybe you might come up with more yourself that is quicker.

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