Use Mentors for Unknown College Scholarship Ideas

Unknown Scholarship Ideas

Mentors for Scholarship Ideas

It’s nice to have some unknown college scholarship ideas when looking to help pay for your college tuition which goes up every year. The unknown scholarship ideas below will only work if you put the scholarship plan in action otherwise it’s just a great scholarship idea and nothing more.

There are literally thousands of sources available for finding college scholarships. Unfortunately everyone knows about those scholarship opportunities making them incredibly competitive. If you want to know about unknown ways to find college scholarships or financial aid for college, you need a mentor. They will have some pretty good scholarship ideas to share with you no matter how unconventional or even bizarre their scholarship ideas seem to be. Remember; he’s the mentor and your the student. He’s traveled the road before and you haven’t so it’s wise to listen to him and do what he says.

Mentors exist for just about every situation. Although it is never publicized, and few people think of it, the best way to get mentoring to find funds for college is through someone who has already done it. You need to find a mentor who has already finished college, preferably in the field that you intend to study.

Not only will this person be able to mentor you in your field, they will also be able to tell you where they got the funds for college, and may very well be able to turn you onto unknown college scholarship and grant opportunities that few other people know about. This could end up being a huge source of college funds for you.

Additionally, this person will be able to work with the contacts that they have made on your behalf. They can introduce you to other people in the same field before you ever even start your college education, and those people will introduce you to others. Without directly asking for funds, you need to let it be known that paying for your education is going to be a problem for you, and that you are actively seeking little known scholarship ideas which can lead to opportunities.

These people will then start tapping sources for you, to shake college funds from the proverbial trees, but it all starts with your own mentor, and this is actually the hard part – finding the right mentor. Start your search for a mentor by talking to someone at the financial aid office or the guidance counselor at the college you will be attending. Tell them that you are actively seeking a past student in your field for mentoring, or at the very least someone who has just recently graduated. The older the mentor is, however, the more contacts he or she will have. You do not need to let the financial aid officer or guidance counselor know that you only want a mentor for some unknwn scholarship ideas.

Additionally, there are many websites online that will connect you with mentors in your field. If your guidance counselor or financial aid officer is unable to help you, make sure that you check out mentoring websites on the internet because they will start you off with some really good unknown scholarship tips. You may be able to do a great deal of communicating via email which may be just as valuable to you

Make good use of your mentor when you are connected with him. If the mentor feels that they are only being used for their contacts or potential unknown scholarships only, they probably won’t be very motivated to help you out. On the other hand, if they see that you are truly seeking guidance in this field that you have chosen, and that you value the information that they are able to supply you with, they will go out of their way to help you in numerous aspects of your life. This is an important, life long relationship that you are actually building, but it almost always has the added bonus of helping you to find untapped sources for college scholarship ideas or other lucrative student financial aid.

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