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Sweden Scholarships

Some unknown Sweden scholarships for international students have made studying in Sweden a possibility for a lot of students. In Sweden it can be quite difficult for a student to finish their schooling. The cost of living is really high and it can be a hardship on anyone to attempt working and affording to go to college. There are a variety of little known Swedish scholarships that students can apply for. They change from year to year but there are always some obscure study abroad scholarships in Sweden that a student can apply for.

There are about 500 study abroad scholarships that are given out to students who want to come to Sweden to further their education. There are government and private scholarships. Some are Sweden scholarships for the low income, scholarships for the disabled and even sports or athletic scholarships in Sweden.

One of the requirements for these distant Sweden scholarships for international students is that a student must have a great academic record. They will also need a great Curriculum Vita. This means the student must have some kind of job or experience or even participation in extracurricular activities. They will need documents to prove this. There are times that you may have to come in for an exam or an interview.

The reason that Sweden offers these unknown scholarships to students from other nations is because they hope it will be beneficial for the student and both countries involved.

Some of these hidden scholarships you can get from Sweden are from the Swedish Institute. This is a government agency. They give out at least 400 scholarships a year. These can be for awards up to SEK 30,000 or $4206.

There is also a little known guest scholarship program. This allows a student from other nations to come and study in Sweden for 4 to 6 weeks. The deadlines with these obscure scholarships for international students vary depending on the types of studies.

There are also bilateral exchange study abroad scholarships in Sweden. These are only good for some countries like Japan, China and Italy. If you are from one of these countries then you are eligible to apply. These applications all differ and all have different deadlines. To see which one you should apply for you can hit on one of the links we will give you and follow the directions and it will give you all the information that you need.

Study abroad scholarships

Study abroad scholarships

As we said above Sweden has a lot of different undiscovered scholarships for international students. The only way to find out which one of these will work for you is to do some research on what you are studying and what Swedish scholarships will work out best for you. Then you can find out the specific requirements and deadlines for that particular study abroad scholarship. Sweden is a beautiful country and welcomes prospective students interested in broadening their horizons. With the above mentioned little known scholarships in Sweden it becomes more of a reality.

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