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If you are a business student and will be attending a traditional college or university, or a business school, you need to be aware of the unknown scholarships for business majors that are offered through various business organizations. These little known scholarships for business students can be very beneficial when it comes to paying for your business education.

Among the most notable business organizations that offer business scholarships are the Association of School Business Officials, The American Marketing Association, the National Association for the Self Employed, the Government Finance Officers Association, the National Business Association, the National Black MBA Association, the Rainbow Business and Professional Association, and the National Society of Accountants. Some notable women business scholarships are the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation and the American Woman’s Society of Certified Public Accountants,

It is vital that you realize that you will not be eligible for all of these business scholarship programs, as many of them are specialized. Specialization could refer to a specialized field of study or a member of a certain group. For example, the National Society of Accountants Scholarship is available for accounting students, but the Rainbow Business and Professional Association Scholarship is only available to members and supporters of the LGBT community who are entering any business related field of study.

Many of these applications are available online, and you can get more information or apply for these scholarships for business majors through the organizations websites. Some will be merit based while others will be need based. Even need based awards take merit into consideration as well, and it is important to be aware of this fact. Most of these organizations will also place a large emphasis on your future career goals and the essay portion of your application. Some of these organizations will require that you are already a member, or the child of someone who is a member in order to be eligible as well, and it is important to find out this information very early, because some will require membership for a specified amount of time before you are eligible for a business scholarship.

The award amounts of these scholarships for business school will vary, and range between $500 and $10,000. In some instances, the organization manages numerous other unknown scholarships for business students as well. An example of this is the Government Finance Officers Association, which manages the Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship, the Frank L. Greathouse Finance Scholarship, and the Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship.

Additional unknown scholarships for business majors can actually be located through your local Chamber of Commerce, and you should also check the Chamber of Commerce in the city or town where you will be attending school. The business student scholarship information that can be obtained through the Chamber of Commerce will be concerning unknown scholarships in business that are offered by local businesses or local business organizations.

As with any other field of study, you should consider other random scholarship opportunities that apply to other interests that you have or skills that you have as well, outside of the business field. Make sure that you talk to your guidance counselor and your financial aid officer to ensure that you are not missing out on any obscure scholarship opportunities that you are eligible for, whether they are little known business school scholarships specifically for business school students or not.

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