Unknown Aviation Scholarships for Aeronautics

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Unknown Aviation Scholarships

Students who have a goal of taking flight may wish to apply for some unknown aviation scholarships and grants. There are actually many different types of flying scholarships that are specifically aimed at students with aviation goals. These are unknown scholarshipsto many students and only become discovered after intense searching.

ACONE Aviation Scholarships

The Aero Club of New England administers a scholarship program for the purpose of encouraging and assisting careers within the aviation field. Each aviation scholarship administered through this program is awarded on an annual basis. Recipients of this flying scholarship program are chosen based on merit as well as economic need. The Aero Club of New England’s scholarship program offers a way for donors to assist deserving individuals who dream of a career in aviation. The ACONE scholarship fund is dependent on the generosity of multiple benefactors, including member donation, an annual scholarship auction and annual cookout for funding sources.

Many Scholarships for Aeronautics from ACONE

Thirteen aviation college scholarships are awarded by ACONE. Nine of these flying scholarships are specifically for pilot training. One scholarship is for engineering through Bridgewater State University. One scholarship is or aeronautics as well as astronautics at MIT. Two scholarships are for aircraft maintenance. There are also leadership awards through the FAA Aviation Career Education camps.

Aviation Scholarships for Women

The Earhart Memorial Scholarships for Women Pilots were originally established in 1940 for the purpose of helping deserving individual further their aviation accomplishments. Currently, the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund is worth more than $4 million dollars. This scholarship fund offers a variety of aviation scholarships for women.

The Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships is specifically for licensed pilot members to help them advance in training as well as education in the field of aerospace and aviation. This program includes flying scholarships for additional pilot ratings and certificates as well as college degrees, jet type ratings and technical training and Emergency Maneuver Training scholarships. The Emergency Maneuver Training scholarship was originated in memory of Vicki Cruise. New Pilot Awards are offered up to $2,000 and may be used towards completing a sport pilot, recreational pilot or private pilot certificate.

The five separate Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship awards include the Flight Training Scholarship, which provides a fully paid flying scholarship that can be used for completing additional pilot ratings or certificates or a pilot training course. Applicants must be a current pilot and must have all of the appropriate medical certificates.

The Jet Type Rating Scholarship offers a fully paid aviation scholarship for the purpose of completing a type rating certification within any type of jet aircraft, such as a Boeing 737 or Cessna Citation. Applicants must be a current Airline Transport Pilot and have a First Class medication certificate. They must also have a minimum of 100 hours of multi-engine flight time.

The Academic Scholarship is worth up to $5,000 and can be used toward one year of training in a college degree in the aerospace or aviation field. Students are allowed to re-apply for the scholarship. The aviation scholarship may be used toward the completion of an associate’s degree as well as bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctoral degree in fields such as engineering, aerospace, aviation business management or air traffic management. Students must be currently enrolled to be eligible to these scholarships for aviation.

The Technical Training scholarship is a fully paid scholarship available for completing an aerospace or aviation certification course or technical training course. The Emergency Maneuver Training Scholarship is a fully paid scholarship that can be used for providing emergency maneuver as well as spin training along with an intro to aerobatics. The aviation scholarship is available to any licensed pilot member without regards to financial need or existing ratings, provided the applicant is a member of The 99s.

Students who wish to apply to these unknown scholarships for aviation students must belong to a local chapter and may request an application and recommendation from their local chapter. Each Amelia Earhart chapter must submit their scholarship applications by no later than December 20th. Applicants should submit their individual applications to their local chapters by no later than December 1st to ensure timely entries.

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