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Master of Science Scholarships

MSc Scholarships

MSc Scholarships are one of the most high-profile and unkown scholarships ever handed out to an individual student but most all are unheard about scholarships. If you ‘re awarded with Master of Science scholarships you have exceptional talent and you worked very hard the last few years and sacrificed much. For those of you who aren’t sure what a MSc is, it refers to Master of Sciences or MSc, M.S, M.Sc for short. It’s a academic postgraduate degree given for those who have taken study of a particular professional practice or specific field who possess’s mastery and understanding of the theoretical and applied knowledge in their degree, critically analyzing and evaluating problems with complex problem-solving skills.

Another term for a Master’s Degree is a magister, applied by the Central and Eastern European, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, French, and Yugoslavian universities, each with their own unique requirements for recommendation, nomination, and application.

The difference of MSc Scholarships with other scholarship grants is that they are awarded solely for the academic achievement of the student, not their financial status. This means that grades recieved in undergraduate studies have been near perfect. Below are some examples of two very unique and unknown MSc scholarships for international students with their requirements to help you get a better understanding of Master of Science scholarships and their criteria.

MSC Scholarship London

The Kingston University of London offers a unknown scholarship for MSc students from the Faculty of Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics. Those who are applying for their full-time postgraduate MSc course with confirmed offers for their next academic year (either in January or September of 2011’s academic school year) are eligible for this scholarship. The Faculty of CISM is now currently offering ten awards of £1,500 for the MSc courses. Those selected for the award must fulfill a maximum 40 hour in the year to do the following: a) assist in undergrad classes between four to six hours every week, and b) act as Faculty ambassador for events.The deadline for applications is before the 30th of November for January 2011 entries, and before the 31st of July for September 2011 entires. No late entries will be honored.

European Commission MSc Scholarship Program

Created in December 5, 2003, the Erasmus Mundus program’s goals are for higher quality education. Those who are awarded these little known MSc scholarships and grants who wish to become a part of the Erasmus Mundus program must fulfill the institutions’ goals of promoting a European form of higher education, increase European higher education visibility worldwide, and promote cooperation between the European Unions and third countries.

The program focuses not only on European students and schools, but are in partnership with third country (not unlike third person) divisions. The category “third country” simply means non-European countries, and has already included China, the United States of America, Japan, Canada, Mexico, India, South Africa, and Indonesia.

There are a lot of programs already supported, such as those listed below:

  • The European Masters Course in Aeronautics and Space Technology (two year MSc), is sponsored by the European Space Agency.
  • The International Master of Science in Rural Development, a two year master program offered in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Slovakia.

The Erasmus Mundus program has different categories for MSc scholarships, named Action 1, Action 2, and Action 3. The particular MSc scholarships cover different aspects, depending on their Action. Action 1 and 2 scholarships cover management and administration costs, as well as scholarships for academic staff, students, doctorates, insurances, and monthly allowances. Action 3 covers a maximum of 75% of eligible costs.

How to Apply for the Erasmus Mundus Program

Interested students and faculty must directly apply for their choice of Action 1, 2, or 3, and then go through a selection process. Under Action 1, you can apply for 3 Masters Courses and/or Joint Doctorates maximum. You will be requested to specify in your application forms your requested programs. Action 2 has no limit to the number of MSc scholarships an individual can apply to, and as long as you are highly qualified for the grant, then you are free to seek their aid. Action 3 is best explained by going to MSc scholarships.

MSc scholarships are all unknown scholarships and will only become known to those graduate students who are already enrolled in their programs and have a chance to receive one or start looking for them through the financial aids office at their college. Inquiring into them there is simple to do and may yield the best results. This is how you run across them and then you can easily apply for them.

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