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Unused Scholarships are Unknown

Unused scholarships for college are a great example of why students should always apply to as many programs as they are eligible, because they may stumble across some programs which have not met their funding numbers and as a result they may have a better chance than normal to get access to that aid. As sometimes getting access to financial aid can be difficult, students would be wise to apply to these unused college scholarships to increase their chances and in all hopes fill any gaps they may have left in their funding needs.

Every year, there are numerous unknown scholarship programs which do not meet the number of students they are expecting to provide financial assistance to. Students should be applying to these as they are underutilized and may present a great chance to access student aid. While the unused scholarships for college which appear every year as underutilized may change, there are some which are often in the category and need more students applying to them in order to better distribute the available funding.

The Institute of Education Sciences provides unused college scholarships which are reported to be underutilized across the board. IES provides up to $2.15 million dollars in assistance every year for participating in one of their programs. They provide multiple unknown scholarships for study abroad in specific countries. The IES Need-Based Financial Aid program gives out up to $2,000 and the merit based programs give out various amounts depending on the region students are planning to go. Merit based programs for this unused college scholarship to the Asia Pacific region, for example, can award up to $3,000. This program is underutilized in large part because students often receive financial assistance for travel abroad from their universities, so students who would like to take part in study abroad but are in need of additional aid should certainly check it out.

Another unused scholarship for college comes from the Roothbert Fund which gives out assistance for people having a hard time affording college. Because the website has changed hands a number of times, and a lack of advertising, the Roothbert Fund represents an unused college scholarship which in years past has gone incredibly underutilized. This program awards between $2,000 and $3,000 to students who are from one of their 16 represented regions including Vermont, New Hamshire, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. Applicants should have some sort of spirituality and preference is given to those with high academic performance who are considering careers as educators. The deadline is January 31 of every year.

National Academy of American Scholars unused scholarships exist because of a lack of visibility on the scholarship scene. This organization gives out five different award types ranging from $200 all the way up to $15,000 for platinum winners. All applicants must be preparing to enter college after their graduation from high school, have at least a C average and be a United States citizen. Yearly deadline are February 1 with applications opening on September 1.

The National Associate of Black Journalists gives out at least $60,000 in award money every year, at least part of which comes out as unused college scholarship money due to the lack of applicants to the program. They offer five different scholarships, many giving out at least $2,500. Applicants interested in the program should be members of the NABJ, be interested in journalism as a career and have only one year of school left. Though the 2011 application period has closed, students should pay attention to the website for the opening of the 2012 cycle.

There are numerous unused scholarships out there for students who take the time to look for them. Locating lists of underutilized scholarship programs is a great place to start, as every year institutions providing financial aid release the amount of money they set aside and the amount they ended up using. These lists can provide a great focal point for students to start their unused scholarship search and hopefully come out with some additional money to help them pay for school.

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