Unknown Scholarships from the AHIMA Foundation

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Scholarships from the AHIMA

HIMA Foundation scholarships are unknown to those outside the health community, but they offer the opportunity for deserving students to continue their educational plans through financial assistance. The American Health Information Management Association dates back to 1928, at which time the Association of Record Librarians of North America was established by the American College of Surgeons in an effort to improve clinical records in hospitals and other medical institutions.

The Foundation offers some unknown scholarships in the hopes of attracting and supporting new talent within the health information management industry. Each year the Foundation offers several merit scholarships. Applicants should be undergraduate HIM and health information technology undergraduates, or HIM professionals who are pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees in health information and related areas.

Four levels of little known scholarships are offered. The first is an Associate’s degree level scholarship. This $1,000 scholarship award is given to students who are in pursuit of a Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIM) accredited AA degree in either HIT or HIM.

AHIM also offers a bachelor’s degree or post-baccalaureate certificate in the amount of $1,500 for students who are in pursuit of a CAHIM accredited BA or BS degree or a graduate certificate in HIT or HIM.

There is also a master’s degree level scholarship worth $2,000 offered to students who are pursuing a master’s degree in areas related to health informatics or HIM.

The doctoral level scholarship has a value of $2,500 and is awarded to students who are pursuing a doctoral degree in a health information related area.

To be eligible for these scholarships, applicants must be a current American Health Information Management Association member. Applicants must also be enrolled in at least six credit hours and must have completed at least 24 credit hours toward a degree.

The ultimate goal of the AHIMA Foundation is to promote diversification within the Health Information Management profession. Toward that end, AHIMA also offers various scholarships which award preferences for students who meet specific criteria above and beyond general requirements.

The AHIMA Foundation Board Chair’s Graduate Scholarship is given to a graduate student who demonstrates leadership in HIM. The AHIMA Foundation Diversity Scholarships are available to students who are able to demonstrate why their lives are in align with the AHIMA Foundation’s Guidelines on Diversity. AHIMA also awards the CSA Leadership Scholarships. These unknown scholarships are for applicants who exhibit a solid record of volunteerism. The Rita Finnegan Memorial Scholarships is for students who exhibit extraordinary potential within Health Information Management. The The Viola Griffin Memorial Scholarship is given to students who are residents of the state of Colorado.

The HCR Sanfra Key/Pat Gorman Memorial Scholarships is given in preference second-career students in HIT programs. The Linda Kloss Honorary Endowed Scholarship is for applicants whose careers demonstrate vision and leadership and who have a lifetime dedication to learning. The MHIMA Graduate Scholarship is for residents of Missouri who are enrolled in a graduate program. The Kathy McCaffrey Memorial Scholarship is available to graduate students, while the Walter Murray Scholarship is for students who are residents of New Jersey. The Oklahoma CSA Scholarship is for Oklahoma residents. Students who are enrolled in the Florida A&M HIA program may be eligible for the Precise Coding Services, Inc. Merit Scholarship.

African-American students who have a desire to pursue an education and career in Health Information Management may qualify for the Esther Mayo Sherard Scholarship. In keeping with the spirit of attracting a diverse workforce to the Health Information Management industry, the Dot Wagg Memorial Scholarship is given to graduate students with a JD degree or who are working toward a JD degree. AHIMA also awards the YES HIM Consulting, Inc. Student Scholarship. This obscure scholarship is specifically set aside for a student who is enrolled in an RHIA program. RHIA is the Registered Health Information Administrator certification program.

Applications for the AHIMA Foundation scholarships will become available July 1st. Applications are accepted through September 30th.

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