Marshall Scholarship for UK Studies are Unknown

Marshall Scholarship for UK Studies

Marshall Scholarship for UK Studies

For students who want to attend college in the UK the Marshall Scholarship for UK studies is a great option, but this is an unknown scholarship for most anyone. The Marshall Scholarship Commission offer numerous benefits, and for students that are eligible candidates, the outstanding careers that lie ahead after pursuing their higher education studies in reputable British institutions are numerous. The George Marshall scholarships help U.S. students understand contemporary Britain and enable them to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in many fields such as science, humanities and creative arts within the British center of academic excellence.

The History behind the Unknown Marshall Scholarship

The Marshall scholarships Program was created in order to support young citizens of the United States to study in the excellent British higher education system. In itself, the Marshall scholarship commemorates General George C. Marshall and the Marshall plan of humane ideals and proves continuously UK’s gratitude towards the United States and its students. This UK scholarship is unknown to most and is administered by the Marshall Commission in the name of the Foreign Commonwealth Office, whereas the selection process that takes place in the U.S. is being manages by Consulates General in various states and by the British Council in Washington DC.

Apart from enabling U.S.’s future leaders, today’s students, to study in distinguished British institutions, the scholarships offered by the Marshall Commission also strive to motivate American scholars towards acting as ambassadors and strengthening the understanding between the two countries, their institutions and population. These Marshall scholarships help promote and fulfill the personal and academic needs of every scholar who benefits from them.

A Closer Look into the Marshall Scholarship Commission

The Marshall scholarships are awarded only to U.S. citizens who hold an undergrad degree given by accredited 4-year universities or colleges located in the United States. U.S. students who want to apply for a Marshal scholarship Program need to have a GPA of at least 3.7 or higher in order to be eligible. This unknown scholarship for UK studies is only given to students who have successfully graduated from college or university after April 2005, and who have studied previously in a British University, regardless if they’ve received a degree or not.

Marshall scholarships awarded each year to U.S. students round around 40 in number and are available for any university in the United Kingdom. These UK scholarships can only cover a period of two years of study, regardless of the discipline chosen by the student. Generally, the Marshall scholarship is destined to graduate levels after which the U.S. students get a British university degree.

The Marshall scholarship’s value tends to vary depending on the university chosen by each beneficiary. However, they cover everything starting from university fees, to annual book and thesis grants, daily travel and research grants, travelling from and to the U.S., living expenses costs for the student and, depending on each case, a contribution towards supporting a student’s dependent spouse. On the average, Marshall scholarships amount about £20,000.

Applying for the Unknown Marshall Scholarships

Students looking to apply to the Marshall scholarships program must know that there are no restrictions with regard to the subject of study. Moreover, this UK scholarship is available for any university located in the United Kingdom, and the duration for the traditional scholarship is two academic years, 22 months respectively. However, on the basis of certain students who pursue doctorate at British universities, various extensions can be granted by the Marshall Commission, which do not exceed another academic year and a total of three academic years respectively.

Apart from the 2-year scholarships, 1-year Marshall scholarships are also available. The latter, however, cannot be extended for another year or two. Candidates need to send in applications to their regional centers in the United States in the early month of October of the year preceding tenure.

U.S. students who wish to study in the UK and have all their fees and living costs covered can apply for a Marshall scholarship for UK studies. Although the application process might not be so complicated, the selection process is extremely rigorous so that the Marshall Commission can make sure that all scholars who are awarded scholarships can benefit greatly from them and have a taste of the British life and academic experience.


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