Get a Job to find Unknown College Scholarships

Get a Job to find College Scholarships

Get a Job to find Unknown Scholarships

Believe it or not, having a job could help you find unknown college scholarships that isn’t available to other people, without even applying. When you start looking for ways to pay for college, you will naturally think about student aid and scholarships grants. The next thing that you need to think about and possibly even the first thing that you need to think about is getting a job. Do this first and here’s why!

Ideally, you should get a job while you are still in high school – as early in your high school years as you are legally able to. You need to hold onto that job throughout high school as well, and make sure that your employer likes the job that you do, and that he or she likes you on a personal level as well. Make sure that they are aware of your plans to attend college right from the outset of your employment. In fact, they should know that you are taking the job for the purpose of helping to fund your college education with some type of unknown college scholarship.

As some point, preferably at the beginning of your senior year of high school, you should let your employer know that you are applying for as many unknown college scholarships and grants as you possibly can. Ask them if they are aware of any scholarship opportunities that are offered locally or nationally. In this way, not only will they let you know about local and national scholarship opportunities that they know about, but they will also write you a recommendation letter, which could carry a great deal of weight. Additionally, they are aware that you need funding for college, and they could offer you a scholarship individually, or at the very least contact any business organizations that they are a member of to secure a little known scholarship for you.

While this method of securing obscure college scholarships will most likely work, you should try to work in a business that pertains to the field of study that you wish to pursue, as this method becomes even more effective in that instance.

While this is an ideal way for high school students to secure less competitive college scholarships, it can also work for adult students. In the case of adult students, however, you should definitely find employment in the field that you wish to study in, and you may need to talk to your employer one-on-one, and assure them that if they can help in any way to fund your college education, that you will agree to work for them for a specified number of years following your graduation.

Whether you are an adult student or a high school student, it is vital that you establish a good relationship with the employer before you start trying to get scholarship funds out of them. Don’t start hinting around at money for college during your first day or week – or year of employment if possible.

It is also important to know that while many larger corporations already have scholarship programs in place, you cannot discount small business owners to find college scholarships using this method. Remember that many students outside of that employment will be applying for the corporate scholarships, but there won’t be any seeking unknown scholarships from small business owners in most cases, making your chances of success much higher.

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