Finding Unknown Scholarships for High School Juniors

Find Unknown Scholarships for High School Juniors

Scholarships for High School Juniors

If you are a high school junior and planning to attend college you need to start taking steps towards a student financial goal as early as your freshman year in school which includes finding scholarships for high school juniors. You need to keep your grades up, participate in extracurricular activities, win awards and honors, and contribute in some way to your community. You also need to start applying for all those unknown scholarships in your junior year, and for this, you need to know about litttle known scholarships for high school juniors.

Most people don’t realize that you do not have to be a senior in high school to start applying for and finding scholarships. You actually need to start as a junior. Most of these scholarships are topic specific. For example, there are scholarships for high school juniors available if you participate in a project that pertains to the environment or living green available through Action for Nature, and the number of awards available and the amount of the awards varies from year to year.

Aside from finding college scholarships, you also need to participate in essay contests that have lucrative cash awards, which can be used to fund your education. One such opportunity is the Ayn Rand Fountainhead Essay Contest, which awards prizes ranging from $75, $100, $1000, $2000, and one $10,000 grand prize. Not all contests are for writing. There are also contests for music, speaking, and art work. Make sure that you enter contests that relate to all of the talents that you possess. There are many poetry scholarship contests which anyone including high school juniors can participate in with as good chance as anyone of winning. If you have a poem talent of any kind you will certainly win a few of these just because many people won’t even apply to – or there are so many to apply to today.

You should check out the Quest Bridge College Prep Scholarship Program as well. This isn’t a scholarship program that actually helps to pay for college. Instead, it is a program that mentors you in your preparation for college, and can equip you with items such as a laptop computer, mentoring services, summer programs, visits to colleges, and much more. You must be a low-income student to be eligible for these little known scholarship services.

There simply are not too many junior scholarship opportunities for you, as a high school junior, but you should definitely take advantage of contest opportunities as early as possible when you start high school, and you should definitely be doing things to prepare yourself for college, in a way that makes you a better contender for the unknown scholarships that will be available to you as a high school senior.

Make sure that you also check with your guidance counselor concerning some unknown scholarships for high school juniors, and pay special attention to local scholarships, because these are often the easiest ones to win. Your guidance counselor should also be able to find out what regional, state, and national scholarships for high school juniors that is available as well. You should also tap into finding scholarship databases that are available online, which will allow you to search based on very narrowed criteria for the most relevant results, such as being a high school junior at the present time.

You can get information regarding the Quest Bridge College Prep Scholarship at You can find information about the Action for Nature Hero Awards at

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