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abacus scholarship

Abacus Scholarship

The goal of the Abacus Scholarship is to recognize the value of each student’s unique journey to obtaining a higher education, regardless of where that journey may lead. Through these unknown scholarships, each entry receives the same opportunity to win. Many prospective college students often feel as though their scholarship entries are not granted the same weight and this little known scholarship evens the playing field nicely for all students who participate.

The Abacus scholarships are open to all students who are enrolled in any institution of higher learning. There are two deadlines to apply for this obscure scholarship. The first deadline is at midnight on June 15th and the second deadline is at midnight on December 15th. There are two awards issued annually. Each award has a value of $1,234. This hidden scholarship is specifically tailored for any student who is either accepted for enrollment or enrolled on a part-time or full-time basis of study. This feature alone is very welcome to all students.

The Abacus Scholarship is specifically designed for students who are either enrolled in or have been accepted into a study of program on a full-time or part-time basis. The scholarship is sponsored by

GoCollege, the sponsor of the Abacus scholarship, has expressed an understanding that the pursuit of a higher education is a decision that is reached individually in one’s own way and time. This is not always an easy decision to make and worries may frequently arise as students attempt to split their efforts and time in trying to meet their responsibilities while also pursuing a higher education. While this time is one of significant personal growth and positive change, and is also that is tremendously exciting, it is one that is also filled with numerous important decisions. This unfamilar scholarship recognizes the journey that each student makes as they tread their own personal path of growth and development.

The Abacus scholarship is unique among the many undiscovered scholarships offered each year in that students are not required to submit a FAFSA or any other information about their or their family’s financial situation. All students have the same chances and opportunities to win one of the annual unknown scholarships awarded in the Abacus Every Student Counts Scholarship program.

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