Cultivating Alumni on How to Win College Scholarships

Use Alumni on how to Win College Scholarships

Former Alumni Scholarships

The chances are good that you already know which college you want to attend. You may have already been accepted to that school. If this is the case, you need to start seeking out opportunities to meet alumni members of that school in hopes of landing some unknown scholarships to pay for some – or all. Believe it or not, this activity can actually help you to win college scholarships which are little known to you at this time. Here’s how to do it!

Alumni typically have fond memories and a special attachment to their Alma Mater, and because of this, they are always happy to learn that somebody else has chosen that school as well. When this happens, they are also more likely to write recommendation letters, which carry a lot of weight, and to help find little known scholarship money, or to provide scholarship money themselves. This can really work out well in your favor.

You will do even better if you can find alumni members of your school who studied in the same field that you plan to study. This makes the potential for winning scholarship funds even greater, and you may even find a mentor along the way. Don’t just look to the school to find alumni members; also look to the other people that you know. For example, ask your parents or grandparents who they know that attended the school. Ask your employer, ask your minister or priest. Start talking to people, and start getting introductions.

One way to start building relationships with alumni of your school is through conversation and questions. Naturally, you do not want to pester them, but you should ask them if you can contact them if you have any questions, and get their contact information. Call them up or visit them to ask legitimate questions concerning their time at the school. Get their email address and communicate with them via email. They may prefer this because they can better answer you this way.

If you are going to a larger, better known school, it isn’t hard to find and contact an alumnus of that school, regardless of where you live. However, if you will be attending a school that is not as well known or not as popular, and you do not live in the same area or state where the school is located, your search for a local alumnus may be a great deal harder, and you may actually have to spread out, geographically, in your search. The best alumnus that you could find, to aid your purpose of finding funds for school and finding a potential mentor, is to locate someone who attended the school, studied in your chosen field, and lives or did live in the same hometown as you.

Talk to your high school guidance counselor to see if he or she is aware of any past students from your high school that attended the college that you have chosen. They may even know what field of study these students chose as well. Failing this, contact the college or university to locate past students who are from your hometown, or a nearby town who studied in your chosen field. Your search for the right alumnus that will open up doors to little known scholarship funds and grant money may surprise you greatly, and richly. This is a different twist on how to win scholarships to help you with the tuition bill and it does work. Alumni know the value of a good education and how expensive it is today. They also realize how life changing it is – for the better. Most are willing to help in any way they can if they are able to. This is your key to help unlock your student aid.

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