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Unknown Scholarships by AEL are sponsored by the American Educational Leaders with a goal of educating young people in America regarding patriotic, political, moral, economic and social values that have allowed America to become and remain free and strong. This organization is committed to instilling the core principles that guided the Founding Fathers while establishing the Republic in students of today.

AEL accomplishes these goals by making resource material available and promoting the reduction in the size and power of the government. At the same time, AEL encourages the youth of today to exercise their freedoms that can lead to personal initiative and entrepreneurship. This is done by encouraging students to be tolerant and respectful of individual differences and to act with integrity. AEL was originally founded in 1927 with a strong belief in American Exceptionalism, or that the United States is exceptional in regards to the history of the world.

As a way of reaching their goals, AEL offers a number of unknown scholarships and awards for students. These awards include the Collegiate Essays Contest. The contest awards three divisions. The first place winner will receive $3,000, the second place winner will receive $1,250 and the third place winner will receive $1,000. This is an annual contest that has been held since 1983. The contest is open to all undergraduate registered college students throughout the United States.

Topics for the contest vary each year. Interested applicants should verify the topics for the current application period. Professors and teachers of the top two finishers in the contest will also receive a cash honorarium of $250. Applications for this AEL scholarship contest should be postmarked by no later than April 30th.

In addition, AEL also sponsors the Collegiate Debate awards, in conjunction with California State University, Northridge and The Americanism Educational Leaders. Coined as the Robert Barbera Invitational Debates, these debates are held in the fall of each year and are open to students who are members of a collegiate level debate program. Universities and colleges from across the country, as well as from other countries, participate in these debates annually. Formats for the debates include Parliamentary, Policy and Individual debates.

The debates are held over a three-day period. Students who are interested in participating in these awards should contact the speech and debate department at their local college or university.

Other AEL scholarships and awards include the Investigative Journalism awards. There are also three places awarded in this competition. The first place winner will receive $2,000, the second place winner will receive $1,000 and the third place winner will receive $500.

Topics for the contest may include economics, government, politics, social issues, education, health care and community activism. Submissions for this contest must have been broadcast or published in some type of public forum by no later than February 28th to be considered. The postmark deadline for entries to this contest is March 15th. The contest is open to university and college students who are majoring in mass media, journalism and/or electronic communication.

AEL seeks to recognize not only outstanding students, but also outstanding teachers as well, by sponsoring the Outstanding Teacher Award. The winner of this award will receive $2,500. The postmark deadline for this award is April 23rd. By sponsoring this award, AEL hopes to demonstrate appreciation to the diligent teachers who assist students in learning more about and improving their appreciation for our country’s history. The contest is specifically for teachers of U.S. History, Social Science and/or Civics.

The Student Citizenship Award Program is offered for elementary, middle and high school students. Award winners will receive an official award certificate and lapel pin. In addition, award recipients will be granted the opportunity to participate in a valuable extra-curricular activity which can be listed on their college entrance application. Applicants will need to submit an essay to be considered for the award. Applications for this contest must be postmarked by no later than April 23rd.

All these little known scholarships by AEL are well worth the time and effort applying to if this patriotic subject matter is appealing as it may be with many students of today. Stronger and passionate application essays will certainly then be the result.

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