CFA Institute 11 September Memorial Scholarships

cfa scholarships

CFA Institute 11 September Memorial Scholarships

A unknown scholarship program has been established by the CFA Institute and the Research Foundation of CFA Institute in order to assist dependent children, domestic partners, and spouses of individuals who died or who were permanently disabled and victims who were permanently disabled as a direct result of the attacks on September 11, 2001.

The CFA scholarships which are little known, are made available in an effort to defray the costs of attending college or a vocational program. These obscure scholarships are offered to both part-time and full-time students who are pursuing a degree in economics, finance, business ethics, or accounting.

This September 11 scholarship fund has been established as a result of the impact suffered by the heart of the global investment community as a result of the attacks on 9-11. The office of the largest CFA Institute Member Society, the New York Society of Security Analysts, was located in the World Trade Center. At least 56 members of the CFA Institute and CFA candidates lost their lives on the day of the attacks.

Immediately following the attacks, members and candidates of CFA began to question what could be done to honor the victims. The launch of this anonymous scholarship program was deemed to be an appropriate way of honoring the victims who lost their lives and assist their families. In addition, the fund is also designed to benefit the global investment community at large through the encouragement of a new generation of students who will pursue careers in economics, finance, business ethics, or accounting.

CFA Institute 11 September Memorial Scholarship criteria

The CFA Institute scholarship fund is different from other funds that honor the victims and families of 9-11. First, all applicants for this hidden scholarship funds must be pursuing a degree in one of four defined majors. Second, scholarship recipients will come from countries around the world, as was the case with the victims of the attacks. Funds from the scholarship program may be used at any qualifying university or college in the world.

Even though money has already been allocated for victims of the attacks, the CFA Institute scholarship fund was deemed to be a necessity once the potential costs for the higher education of spouses, dependents, and domestic partners of victims of the terrorist attacks were calculated. The final numbers indicated that more than a billion dollars would be needed to fund the education of the individuals involved. CFA Institute joins numerous other organizations that will offer CFA 11 September scholarships to victims and their families.

An individual from any country is eligible to apply for the CFA Institute scholarship if they were permanently disabled due to the terrorist attacks or hijackings on September 11, 2001, if they are spouse, dependent, or domestic partner of an individual who was killed, permanently disabled or presumed dead as a result of the attack. These unknown college scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. Eligible participants will be awarded up to $25,000. Recipients may reapply for additional funding in subsequent years on an as needed basis. All scholarship application materials must be received by no later than June 1st.

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P.O. Pistilli Undergraduate Scholarships Little Known

P.O. Pistilli Undergraduate scholarships

P.O. Pistilli Undergraduate Scholarships

The P.O. Pistilli Undergraduate scholarships are little known about but represents a possibility for students in the areas of Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. These funds are in place from the Design Automation Conference under the direction of the Special Interest Group on Design Automation. The goal of these funds offered through the scholarship is to increase the number of individuals from various groups in these fields.

The funds are mainly directed at women, minorities, and disabled students who may otherwise not be able to afford to go to school for Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. However, anyone that meets the overall qualifications for this scholarship are encouraged to apply. The P.O. Pistilli Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded in the amount of $4,000 per year, and it is renewable for up to 5 years.

In order to be renewed, the student must be enrolled full time and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Renewal is also dependent on the involvement of the student in the school. A leadership role in various activities is recommended. Students also have to be in good standing behaviorally with the school in order for the renewal to be considered. In some instances, a student may take a year off and then get the renewal when they return to the program. Such circumstances must be submitted in writing, and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

The number of awards annually will vary from 2 up to 7 winners. The winners will be high school students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. They also must have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the areas of either math or science. They also must have a strong desire to pursue a career in either Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. Any career path in these areas is acceptable.

Applicants for the P.O. Pistilli Undergraduate Scholarship must also show they have a financial need for the funds in order to successfully complete such a program at an accredited college. All applicants for this scholarship must reside in the United States when they apply. However, United States citizenship isn’t a requirement for winning.
Applications can be completed online or mailed in. All attachments must be included with online applications or they won’t be reviewed. All applications must be received no later than February 1st to be evaluated. All winners of these little known scholarships will be notified by April 4th.

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Actuarial Scholarships for Actuary Students

actuary scholarships for actuarial students

Actuarial Scholarships

Many actuarial scholarships for actuary students can be found if you look in the right places. These little known actuarial science awards are certainly unknown scholarships simply because students don’t really know anything about acturial science at all, and would not even consider it as a field of study because of it’s educational obscurity.

This can be a very exciting field of study and once a student has their degree in hand, finding a job should be all but assured. In fact a 2010 study published by the job search website ‘CareerCast’ has ranked an actuary as the #1 job in the United States!

Actuarial scholarships are offered to help those that wish to pursue a degree to help them assess risk. We may not think about risk assessment in our daily lives very much, but it is all around us. For example, when you drive your car there is a risk assessment about your chances of being involved in an accident. These calculations help to determine your vehicle insurance premium, your home owner’s insurance premium, and in some instances if you get hired or not based on the risk of what your performance will be like.

Actuarial science combines a number of interrelated subjects, which include probability, mathematics, statistics, finance, economics, financial economics, and computer programming. If this all sounds good to you then you may have discovered your college field of study.

The concepts involved with analytical risk are very complex, and yet they are so important in today’s business plan. That is why promoting the study through actuarial funding is so important. When someone does have an interest, they shouldn’t be held back from such an education due to the cost.

If you are interested in this area of study, the good news is that you will have less competition than you would for many other types of scholarships. It’s just not a sought after educational field of study, but it should be for those who are interested once they discover about it.

Actuarial Diversity Scholarships

This is an annual actuary scholarship awarded to African American or Hispanic applicants. The funds can be used either for undergraduate or graduate work in an accredited actuary program. The amount of money that the winner will receive depends on their level of education at the time of the award:

  • High school senior ready for first year of college $1,000
  • College freshman applying for second year of college $2,000
  • College junior applying for senior year of college $3,000

The number of actuary scholarships offered annually depends on the funding available for the program. These actuarial scholarships have been offered since 1977 and continue to get plenty of private donations to secure them. Applications are due by January 31st annually. Winners are notified by the end of May and the funds allocated for classes starting that fall.

IABA Foundation Actuarial Scholarship

IABA stands for International Association of Black Actuaries. They offer actuary scholarships to black individuals in an effort to further increase the number of them involved in this particular field of study. Applications are due by May 31st annually to be considered. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.00 or higher. SAT scores must be 600 or higher with ACT score of 28 or higher on the math portion.

Applications must have successfully passed an accredited actuarial exam. They must be able to demonstrate that they are proficient in communication skills as well as being self-motivated. A personal statement that documents such facts along with two letters of recommendation is required.

The amount of each award can range from $500 to $4,000. The funds are need based so the applicant will have to provide documentation to verify financial need. This actuarial scholarship can be renewed for up to 4 years. For a renewal to be approved, the student must show an ongoing GPA of 3.0 or higher, involvement in the school, and satisfactory behavior at the accredited college.

The number of actuary scholarships offered annually depends on funds available and the needs of those that are primary candidates. Some winners may be offered an additional stipend for living expenses if they have significant financial need.

Mutual of Omaha Actuary Scholarships

There is a scholarship offered from the Mutual of Omaha for actuary students. Up to 10 recipients can each get an award of $2,000 to use for their college education. Winners will also be a guest of honor at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Recognition Luncheon. One winner will receive an award of $5,000 and also be a guest at the luncheon. The date and location of the event are announced each year.

Applications are due by April 1st annually. Winners will be notified by June 15th. Funds will be sent directly to the college of choice for the recipients. All schools must be fully accredited to be eligible.

Unknown scholarships are in the field of actuary science, this is for sure. Apply to them if this field of study interest you. You will have less scholarship competition.

Any of these actuary scholarships can help you to embark into a great program and to have a wonderful career assessing risk management, but there are many others then the ones mentioned above. Getting the money you need to pay for college through such educational programs with actuarial science scholarships can start your way onto a fascinating and rewarding career path.

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Douglas Elliman Scholarships at NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate

Douglas Elliman Scholarships

Douglas Elliman Scholarships

Prudential Douglas Elliman, a large New York residential real estate brokerage firm, has pledged $100,000 for a real estate scholarship fund, to be known as the Douglas Elliman Scholarship, to the New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate. These are little known scholarships simply since it was so recently established.

The real estate scholarship funds, the first ever to be donated to the institute from a residential real estate firm, will be available to students who excel academically and who have established financial need in the fall semester of 2012. The students, known as Douglas Elliman Scholars, will be selected based on the following criteria:

1. Successful completion of over 24 credit hours.
2. Credit hours must be applied to a Masters Degree in Real Estate or Real Estate Development.
3. Students must excel academically, receiving good marks.
4. Students must establish financial need.

No more than two students will be selected to receive this little known about scholarship in real estate studies, making it a highly competitive award.

The Douglas Elliman Scholarships at NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate will spread out over five years, awarding $20,000 per year to be shared between the Douglas Elliman Scholars.

The New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate was founded in 1967 and educates around 600 full and part-time college students each year and has produced 2,500 degree holders in the real estate, real estate development, and construction management fields. The institute was established after prominent New York City real estate leaders encouraged the university to provide academic programs that would specifically cater to students seeking to enter the real estate industry as professionals.

In response to the success of the Schack Institute of Real Estate, Prudential Douglas Elliman’s CEO Ms. Dottie Herman awarded the scholarship stating, “We are so honored to be working with NYU-SCPS to invest in the future of our industry and give back to our community by way of this unknown scholarship. The Douglas Elliman Scholarship will help to guide the next generation of top real estate professionals and give students access to funds not otherwise available. As a company, we are also committed to elevating the status and professionalism of our industry with great talent, and students who complete this top-tier higher education program graduate with a high level of management expertise and are in the position to become true leaders in the future of NYC real estate—one of the most demanding markets in the country.”

Rosemary Scanlon, interim divisional dean of the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate, responded to the generosity and expressed gratitude in response, stating that, “We are thrilled by these new scholarships and extremely grateful to Prudential Douglas Elliman for investing in the future of our students. These newly established scholarships in real estate will recognize the high achievement levels of our students, as well as significantly help students gain the comprehensive learning experiences available at NYU Schack. We look forward to this future collaboration with Prudential Douglas Elliman.”

The above little known scholarships for real estate funded by Prudential Douglas Elliman is greatly applauded by all students and colleges alike and hope that more companies will follow suit and give back to the community which supports them like they did. Successful and well liked companies have a good habit of doing just that.

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SVA Scholarships for Veteran Students

sva scholarships

SVA scholarships for Veteran Students

SVA scholarships offer college funding opportunities through the development of partnerships with organizations that provide unknown scholarship opportunities for student veterans. Two of those organizations are the Illinoi Patriot Education Fund and Google.

The goal of the Student Veterans of America is to provide military veterans with necessary support, resources and advocacy needed to succeed in the obtainment of a higher education. The organization was establishment through the recognition that veterans of today face multiple obstacles in their pursuit of a college degree. Such obstacles often include feeling like an outsider among traditional college students and physical and psychological war wounds.

Student Veterans of America or SVA seeks to make the goal of obtaining a college degree a reality for men and women who are returning from military service. SVA is comprised of student veteran groups present on college campuses around the world. Each member chapter is responsible for assisting veterans in reintegrating into campus life and academically succeeding.

The Google-SVA Scholarship focuses on rewarding student veterans of a high caliber who are in pursuit of a degree within the Computer Science field. The goals of this military scholarship are to identify veterans within the Computer Science field who are high-performing and to encourage further study and reward achievement through this little-known scholarship program.

In addition, it is hoped that this SVA scholarship will positively impact the retention of student veterans in the Computer Science field by providing funds and recognition for university expenses, including lab fees, books and tuition. The scholarship program also seeks to foster valuable student communities through sponsored events such as the Annual Scholars Retreat. This retreat is an all-expenses paid retreat for scholarship winners each year and allows top students from around the country the opportunity to network together and with engineers from Google.

The Chapter Leader Scholarship focuses on improving the lives of fellow veterans. Chapter officers have volunteered to assist in this process, which requires a tremendous amount of time, dedication, passion and energy while leaders balance their chapter activities, family obligations and course loads. To assist them with their numerous responsibilities the Chapter Leader scholarship was established and is awarded to one recipient, who will receive $10,000. The SVA scholarship are meant to reward what has become the backbone of Student Veterans of America by providing incentives for veterans to become active in veteran advocacy issues not only on their own campus, but in the communities as well.

The STEM scholarship honors excellence in science, technology, engineering and math. The goal of this obscure scholarship program is to assist veterans in becoming able to compete in the future global economy through the development of new engineers, scientists and mathematicians. One recipient will receive a STEM scholarship award of $10,000. In addition to rewarding excellence, it is hoped that the STEM scholarship program will encourage student veterans to enter this field. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must have a minimum 3.3 GPA in an accredited science, technology, engineering or math program.

The Yellow Ribbon scholarship is awarded in recognition of the fact that the GI Bill does not adequately support student veterans while they attend out-of-state public universities or private colleges or universities. Universities now have the option of supporting student veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs Yellow Ribbon Program. The Department of Veterans Affairs will match every dollar that is pledged by the university to the Yellow Ribbon fund. Despite this, there are still some schools that do not sufficiently fund the program. In light of this, SVA has established the Yellow Ribbon Scholarship program. This incognito scholarship is worth $10,000 and is need-based. It is used in support of any student veteran at an out-of-state or private university who has demonstrated academic excellence and has an undue financial burden. One new scholarship is awarded.

The IPEF-SVA scholarship focuses on rewarding student veterans in Illinois for their academic achievements and community service. These SVA scholarships also help to ease financial stress that numerous student veterans face while supplementing gaps that may be left after the Post-9/11GI Bill. Any student veteran who attends an institution in Illinois or who is able to demonstrate a strong connection to Illinois is encouraged to apply for this scholarship.

Unknown scholarships for college from Student Veterans of America provide exciting opportunity to those who fit the criteria. If you do, apply to them today.

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Unknown Scholarships from the AHIMA Foundation

ahima scholarships

Scholarships from the AHIMA

HIMA Foundation scholarships are unknown to those outside the health community, but they offer the opportunity for deserving students to continue their educational plans through financial assistance. The American Health Information Management Association dates back to 1928, at which time the Association of Record Librarians of North America was established by the American College of Surgeons in an effort to improve clinical records in hospitals and other medical institutions.

The Foundation offers some unknown scholarships in the hopes of attracting and supporting new talent within the health information management industry. Each year the Foundation offers several merit scholarships. Applicants should be undergraduate HIM and health information technology undergraduates, or HIM professionals who are pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees in health information and related areas.

Four levels of little known scholarships are offered. The first is an Associate’s degree level scholarship. This $1,000 scholarship award is given to students who are in pursuit of a Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIM) accredited AA degree in either HIT or HIM.

AHIM also offers a bachelor’s degree or post-baccalaureate certificate in the amount of $1,500 for students who are in pursuit of a CAHIM accredited BA or BS degree or a graduate certificate in HIT or HIM.

There is also a master’s degree level scholarship worth $2,000 offered to students who are pursuing a master’s degree in areas related to health informatics or HIM.

The doctoral level scholarship has a value of $2,500 and is awarded to students who are pursuing a doctoral degree in a health information related area.

To be eligible for these scholarships, applicants must be a current American Health Information Management Association member. Applicants must also be enrolled in at least six credit hours and must have completed at least 24 credit hours toward a degree.

The ultimate goal of the AHIMA Foundation is to promote diversification within the Health Information Management profession. Toward that end, AHIMA also offers various scholarships which award preferences for students who meet specific criteria above and beyond general requirements.

The AHIMA Foundation Board Chair’s Graduate Scholarship is given to a graduate student who demonstrates leadership in HIM. The AHIMA Foundation Diversity Scholarships are available to students who are able to demonstrate why their lives are in align with the AHIMA Foundation’s Guidelines on Diversity. AHIMA also awards the CSA Leadership Scholarships. These unknown scholarships are for applicants who exhibit a solid record of volunteerism. The Rita Finnegan Memorial Scholarships is for students who exhibit extraordinary potential within Health Information Management. The The Viola Griffin Memorial Scholarship is given to students who are residents of the state of Colorado.

The HCR Sanfra Key/Pat Gorman Memorial Scholarships is given in preference second-career students in HIT programs. The Linda Kloss Honorary Endowed Scholarship is for applicants whose careers demonstrate vision and leadership and who have a lifetime dedication to learning. The MHIMA Graduate Scholarship is for residents of Missouri who are enrolled in a graduate program. The Kathy McCaffrey Memorial Scholarship is available to graduate students, while the Walter Murray Scholarship is for students who are residents of New Jersey. The Oklahoma CSA Scholarship is for Oklahoma residents. Students who are enrolled in the Florida A&M HIA program may be eligible for the Precise Coding Services, Inc. Merit Scholarship.

African-American students who have a desire to pursue an education and career in Health Information Management may qualify for the Esther Mayo Sherard Scholarship. In keeping with the spirit of attracting a diverse workforce to the Health Information Management industry, the Dot Wagg Memorial Scholarship is given to graduate students with a JD degree or who are working toward a JD degree. AHIMA also awards the YES HIM Consulting, Inc. Student Scholarship. This obscure scholarship is specifically set aside for a student who is enrolled in an RHIA program. RHIA is the Registered Health Information Administrator certification program.

Applications for the AHIMA Foundation scholarships will become available July 1st. Applications are accepted through September 30th.

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Unknown Monthly Scholarships from TG Adventures

monthly scholarships

Drawing Scholarships

The monthly scholarships awarded through the Milton G. Wright Scholarships gives thousands of dollars annually to students through a variety of TG special promotions and events on the TG Adventures in Education website. In November of 2011 TG began allowing students to enter online in order to receive one of twelve $500 scholarship awards that would be given out on a monthly basis.

To be eligible for one of the monthly scholarships, applicants are required to enter the monthly drawing that takes place. Applicants must be eligible to receive federal student Title IV funding and must be at least thirteen years of age at the time of the scholarship entry. Students must also have plans to enroll or have already enrolled in an undergraduate or certificate seeking program on at least a half-time basis. Applicants may only enter once per month. Winners are not eligible to win a second time.

The vision of TG is to become the premier provider of products, services and information to assist students and their families in realizing their career and education dreams. Toward that end, TG has become widely recognized for their diversity and in celebrating individual backgrounds, differences and experiences.

TG is a public, non-profit corporation that was created in 1979 by the Texas Legislature as a way of promoting educational success and access so that students may realize their dreams. TF makes resources available to assist families and students in preparing for college by learning the basics of money management and repaying federal student loans. TG also administers Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) loans on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education.

The TG Milton G. Wright Scholarship was named for the previous president and CEO of TG. The monthly scholarships are awarded in an understanding that the ability to finance a higher education has become increasingly challenging in light of the current economic environment.

As each and every dollar counts when it comes to paying for the cost of attending college, this drawing scholarship now offers an additional resource avenue for students with plans to attend college. They may be unknown scholarships, but it’s easy to apply to and you have a chance to win every month – which can be exciting! Read more at TG Adventures monthly scholarship drawing.

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The Abacus Scholarship is Unknown

abacus scholarship

Abacus Scholarship

The goal of the Abacus Scholarship is to recognize the value of each student’s unique journey to obtaining a higher education, regardless of where that journey may lead. Through these unknown scholarships, each entry receives the same opportunity to win. Many prospective college students often feel as though their scholarship entries are not granted the same weight and this little known scholarship evens the playing field nicely for all students who participate.

The Abacus scholarships are open to all students who are enrolled in any institution of higher learning. There are two deadlines to apply for this obscure scholarship. The first deadline is at midnight on June 15th and the second deadline is at midnight on December 15th. There are two awards issued annually. Each award has a value of $1,234. This hidden scholarship is specifically tailored for any student who is either accepted for enrollment or enrolled on a part-time or full-time basis of study. This feature alone is very welcome to all students.

The Abacus Scholarship is specifically designed for students who are either enrolled in or have been accepted into a study of program on a full-time or part-time basis. The scholarship is sponsored by

GoCollege, the sponsor of the Abacus scholarship, has expressed an understanding that the pursuit of a higher education is a decision that is reached individually in one’s own way and time. This is not always an easy decision to make and worries may frequently arise as students attempt to split their efforts and time in trying to meet their responsibilities while also pursuing a higher education. While this time is one of significant personal growth and positive change, and is also that is tremendously exciting, it is one that is also filled with numerous important decisions. This unfamilar scholarship recognizes the journey that each student makes as they tread their own personal path of growth and development.

The Abacus scholarship is unique among the many undiscovered scholarships offered each year in that students are not required to submit a FAFSA or any other information about their or their family’s financial situation. All students have the same chances and opportunities to win one of the annual unknown scholarships awarded in the Abacus Every Student Counts Scholarship program.

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Unknown Scholarships by AEL

ael scholarships

Scholarships by AEL

Unknown Scholarships by AEL are sponsored by the American Educational Leaders with a goal of educating young people in America regarding patriotic, political, moral, economic and social values that have allowed America to become and remain free and strong. This organization is committed to instilling the core principles that guided the Founding Fathers while establishing the Republic in students of today.

AEL accomplishes these goals by making resource material available and promoting the reduction in the size and power of the government. At the same time, AEL encourages the youth of today to exercise their freedoms that can lead to personal initiative and entrepreneurship. This is done by encouraging students to be tolerant and respectful of individual differences and to act with integrity. AEL was originally founded in 1927 with a strong belief in American Exceptionalism, or that the United States is exceptional in regards to the history of the world.

As a way of reaching their goals, AEL offers a number of unknown scholarships and awards for students. These awards include the Collegiate Essays Contest. The contest awards three divisions. The first place winner will receive $3,000, the second place winner will receive $1,250 and the third place winner will receive $1,000. This is an annual contest that has been held since 1983. The contest is open to all undergraduate registered college students throughout the United States.

Topics for the contest vary each year. Interested applicants should verify the topics for the current application period. Professors and teachers of the top two finishers in the contest will also receive a cash honorarium of $250. Applications for this AEL scholarship contest should be postmarked by no later than April 30th.

In addition, AEL also sponsors the Collegiate Debate awards, in conjunction with California State University, Northridge and The Americanism Educational Leaders. Coined as the Robert Barbera Invitational Debates, these debates are held in the fall of each year and are open to students who are members of a collegiate level debate program. Universities and colleges from across the country, as well as from other countries, participate in these debates annually. Formats for the debates include Parliamentary, Policy and Individual debates.

The debates are held over a three-day period. Students who are interested in participating in these awards should contact the speech and debate department at their local college or university.

Other AEL scholarships and awards include the Investigative Journalism awards. There are also three places awarded in this competition. The first place winner will receive $2,000, the second place winner will receive $1,000 and the third place winner will receive $500.

Topics for the contest may include economics, government, politics, social issues, education, health care and community activism. Submissions for this contest must have been broadcast or published in some type of public forum by no later than February 28th to be considered. The postmark deadline for entries to this contest is March 15th. The contest is open to university and college students who are majoring in mass media, journalism and/or electronic communication.

AEL seeks to recognize not only outstanding students, but also outstanding teachers as well, by sponsoring the Outstanding Teacher Award. The winner of this award will receive $2,500. The postmark deadline for this award is April 23rd. By sponsoring this award, AEL hopes to demonstrate appreciation to the diligent teachers who assist students in learning more about and improving their appreciation for our country’s history. The contest is specifically for teachers of U.S. History, Social Science and/or Civics.

The Student Citizenship Award Program is offered for elementary, middle and high school students. Award winners will receive an official award certificate and lapel pin. In addition, award recipients will be granted the opportunity to participate in a valuable extra-curricular activity which can be listed on their college entrance application. Applicants will need to submit an essay to be considered for the award. Applications for this contest must be postmarked by no later than April 23rd.

All these little known scholarships by AEL are well worth the time and effort applying to if this patriotic subject matter is appealing as it may be with many students of today. Stronger and passionate application essays will certainly then be the result.

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Unknown Food Scholarships

food scholarships

Food Scholarships

There are many unknown food scholarships out there that could be interesting for you to investigate. They can offer you funding that you need to help pay for your college education. When there is free money on the line, you should be looking anywhere you can. These are unknown scholarships that are often overlooked, and you could be one of the recipients of them! Getting free money for school means that you don’t have to borrow through loans that you will have to repay down the road.

Sunkist Growers Scholarship

The Sunkist Growers Scholarship is worth checking into. This little known scholarship is in honor of Arthur W. Bodine who was the Vice Chairman of the Board. The family must show a financial need in order to qualify. They must be involved with agricultural elements in either California or Arizona. This can include them personally, their siblings, parents, or grandparents.

This scholarship can be used for any undergraduate program in an accredited college. The Sunkist Growers Scholarship has been in place since 1985 and over 275 students have been able to attend college with such funds. In addition to financial need, GPA, recommendations, and an essay are all evaluated. Applications are accepted from January 1st through April 30th each year. The amount of the scholarships will vary based on the needs of the applicant and where they plan to attend college.

Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship

Another of the unknown food scholarships is the Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship. Each year, the VRGS offer two unknown scholarships for $5,000 each. Applicants must be vegetarians who have actively promoted it in their school and community.

Applications are accepted from January 1st through February 20th and applicants are selected based on their commitment to being a vegetarian, how they have promoted that lifestyle to others, and they must be accepted to an accredited four year college.

An essay is required for this little known scholarship as well. The theme of the essay is promoting global peace through vegetarianism. The essay is given a great deal of weight in determining who will receive the VRGS scholarship funds. The committee wants to see that the individual has thought a great deal about vegetarianism and that they are committed to it being a permanent part of their lifestyle.

Little Known NACUFS Scholarship

NACUFS Scholarship is another one that you may find you qualify for. If you aren’t familiar with the name, it stands for National Association of Colleges and University Food Services. The NACUFS scholarship is meant for those that are interested in a career in some aspect of the food service industry. Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate program at an accredited college or university where they can receive a degree in some food service area.

This scholarship isn’t offered to freshman – only to other classes of students. This means that all students should have at least one year of academic evaluation that they can show in the food service industry curriculum they have selected. Their academic progress, community involvement, and personal essay are all used to determine eligibility for the scholarship funds.

Applications are taken from December 1st through February 15th of the following year. All recipients are notified by June 1st. The amount of the NACUFS scholarship depends on the cost of attendance for the student and their financial need. This unheard of scholarship can be renewed annually for the remainder of the undergraduate program. However, the student must have a GPA of 2.75 or higher, be in good overall standing with the school, and must be enrolled full time.

All of these unknown food scholarships can help you to pay for the cost of college. If you review the criteria and it seems you could be eligible, then make sure you get that application completed and turned in on time. These are just a few of the many food scholarships out there that most people don’t know about. Take some time to find out what is offered and apply to as many of them as you are qualified for.

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