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Believe it or not, most students who will be attending either college or trade school to study automotives will apply for federal grants and student loans, and completely overlook the potential for the unknown automotive scholarships. This is a huge waste of potential funds, and you should definitely be applying for these unknown scholarships for automotive students to help fund your education.

The first thing that you should check into before you apply for any student loans, but after applying for federal grant money, is automotive scholarships if this field of study attracts you. When it comes to an automotive education, start with the Automotive Hall of Fame. This organization actually manages numerous automotive scholarship programs under the one program, and you can apply for all of the car scholarships for which you meet the eligibility requirements. Although information about the award amounts for each scholarship is not made public, overall, the organization awards approximately $20,000 in auto scholarship funds annually.

The next thing to look at is associations that have to do with the automotive industry in awarding grants and unknown scholarships for automotive students. Three great examples of this are the Automotive Women’s Alliance, the Automotive Service Councils of California Educational Foundation, and the Automotive Parts and Service Association of Illinois. The Automotive Women’s Alliance awards $2500 to women who are studying in this field. The Automotive Service Councils of California Educational Foundation makes awards to high school graduates and undergraduates who are residents of California. The Automotive Parts and Service Association of Illinois awards six little known scholarships for automotive, with each award being worth $500 to students from the state of Illinois.

The next step is to turn to the automotive parts industry for college funds. The two best known automotive scholarship opportunities in this area are the Carquest Scholarships and the AutoZone Scholarships. Carquest makes four awards annually, in the amount of $1000, but these awards are only made to employees and their immediate family members. AutoZone, on the other hand, makes 15 awards annually to employees or dependants of the company, in the amount of $2500.

Check with every business in your local area for unknown automotive college scholarships, as they relate to the auto industry. This should include service centers of all types, car dealers, Auto Body and Paint Shops, Upholstery businesses, Garages, Motocycle shops, and anything else that you can think of as it relates to the automotive industry. You probably won’t know that little known car scholarship opportunities exist from these businesses unless you ask. Additionally, you should check with the college or trade school that you will be attending to see what related auto scholarships are offered specifically through the school, and only available for students of the school as well.

Scholarships for Automotive Resources

You can get more information about the lessor known grants and scholarships for automotive students offered through the Automotive Hall of Fame at http://www.automotivehalloffame.org/.

For information about women automotive scholarships available through the Automotive Women’s Alliance.

You can get information about the Automotive Parts and Service Association of Illinois scholarship program at: apsail.com/.

Information about the Automotive Service Councils of California Educational Foundation can be found at ascca.com/.

For more information about the unknown scholarships for automotive offered by Carquest, visit: carquest.com/.

To learn about the awards at AutoZone visit:


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