SVA Scholarships for Veteran Students

sva scholarships

SVA scholarships for Veteran Students

SVA scholarships offer college funding opportunities through the development of partnerships with organizations that provide unknown scholarship opportunities for student veterans. Two of those organizations are the Illinoi Patriot Education Fund and Google.

The goal of the Student Veterans of America is to provide military veterans with necessary support, resources and advocacy needed to succeed in the obtainment of a higher education. The organization was establishment through the recognition that veterans of today face multiple obstacles in their pursuit of a college degree. Such obstacles often include feeling like an outsider among traditional college students and physical and psychological war wounds.

Student Veterans of America or SVA seeks to make the goal of obtaining a college degree a reality for men and women who are returning from military service. SVA is comprised of student veteran groups present on college campuses around the world. Each member chapter is responsible for assisting veterans in reintegrating into campus life and academically succeeding.

The Google-SVA Scholarship focuses on rewarding student veterans of a high caliber who are in pursuit of a degree within the Computer Science field. The goals of this military scholarship are to identify veterans within the Computer Science field who are high-performing and to encourage further study and reward achievement through this little-known scholarship program.

In addition, it is hoped that this SVA scholarship will positively impact the retention of student veterans in the Computer Science field by providing funds and recognition for university expenses, including lab fees, books and tuition. The scholarship program also seeks to foster valuable student communities through sponsored events such as the Annual Scholars Retreat. This retreat is an all-expenses paid retreat for scholarship winners each year and allows top students from around the country the opportunity to network together and with engineers from Google.

The Chapter Leader Scholarship focuses on improving the lives of fellow veterans. Chapter officers have volunteered to assist in this process, which requires a tremendous amount of time, dedication, passion and energy while leaders balance their chapter activities, family obligations and course loads. To assist them with their numerous responsibilities the Chapter Leader scholarship was established and is awarded to one recipient, who will receive $10,000. The SVA scholarship are meant to reward what has become the backbone of Student Veterans of America by providing incentives for veterans to become active in veteran advocacy issues not only on their own campus, but in the communities as well.

The STEM scholarship honors excellence in science, technology, engineering and math. The goal of this obscure scholarship program is to assist veterans in becoming able to compete in the future global economy through the development of new engineers, scientists and mathematicians. One recipient will receive a STEM scholarship award of $10,000. In addition to rewarding excellence, it is hoped that the STEM scholarship program will encourage student veterans to enter this field. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must have a minimum 3.3 GPA in an accredited science, technology, engineering or math program.

The Yellow Ribbon scholarship is awarded in recognition of the fact that the GI Bill does not adequately support student veterans while they attend out-of-state public universities or private colleges or universities. Universities now have the option of supporting student veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs Yellow Ribbon Program. The Department of Veterans Affairs will match every dollar that is pledged by the university to the Yellow Ribbon fund. Despite this, there are still some schools that do not sufficiently fund the program. In light of this, SVA has established the Yellow Ribbon Scholarship program. This incognito scholarship is worth $10,000 and is need-based. It is used in support of any student veteran at an out-of-state or private university who has demonstrated academic excellence and has an undue financial burden. One new scholarship is awarded.

The IPEF-SVA scholarship focuses on rewarding student veterans in Illinois for their academic achievements and community service. These SVA scholarships also help to ease financial stress that numerous student veterans face while supplementing gaps that may be left after the Post-9/11GI Bill. Any student veteran who attends an institution in Illinois or who is able to demonstrate a strong connection to Illinois is encouraged to apply for this scholarship.

Unknown scholarships for college from Student Veterans of America provide exciting opportunity to those who fit the criteria. If you do, apply to them today.

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